Macs London, over the last 10 years, has become the place to go for your hair, beauty and health treatments. Frequented by celebrities from screen and stage, our reputation has allowed us to maintain the status of ‘haven’, away from the eyes of the paparazzi, and the pressures of a busy metropolitan lifestyle.

We always stay ahead of the curve by sourcing the best techniques and products, new and old, from around the word. We know we can make you look, feel and be better. Although we can’t stop the body clock ticking we don’t necessarily need to let the world know what time it really is.

At Macs we can help you look and feel younger. With the right hair cut, make up and fashion advice, tailored to suit your requirements, we’ll have you looking younger than you thought possible within a few hours of being with us. And after you’ve slowed down, enjoying some of our many holistic, massage and relaxation treatments you’ll be feeling as young and fresh on the inside, as you look on the outside. Beauty isn’t skin deep, come in, relax, and discover the beautiful you.